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Album Release Client Studies

Ian Flanigan's debut album "Strong" is the first dive into mainstream country for this troubadour artist. Debuting September 2nd, 2022, this campaign has stacked two radio singles (and a single for content) as the lead promotional strategy: "Grow Up" Released on May 14th, 2021 debuting live on NBC's The Voice finale with featuring artist, Blake Shelton, and runner up radio single "Last Name On It" which debuted June 17th, 2022 with 7 ads in first two weeks of radio impact date (July 11th, 2022).


In terms of music marketing, it doesn’t really get any more diverse than this campaign.

We will take a quick glance at the promotional rollout of an up and coming artist so far. Our main focus:

  • Multiple singles release strategy

  • TV

  • Brand Partnerships

  • Heavy emphasis on video content

In this teardown, we'll detail the promotional calendar covering the 4 month run, up to the "Grow Up" single release, and the following 12 months leading up to the second radio single, "Last Name On It," so you can see how an independent label rolls out their newest up-and-coming artist in mainstream country.

Photo Apr 16, 2 55 45 AM.jpg

Key People

Artist: Ian Flanigan

Labels: UMG, Reviver Records

Management: Jason Spiewak, Noble Steed Music

Agent: Kinkead Ent.

Publicists: Noble Steed Music, Nightcap Entertainment, 2911 Enterprises

Content: Nightcap Entertainment

Marketing: Cool Is Forever, Nightcap Entertainment

Consulting: Nashville Music Consultants, Nightcap Entertainment

Radio: Studio 2Bee

Featured Artists: Blake Shelton

Photo Apr 13, 3 56 37 AM.jpg

Key info

Artist: Ian Flanigan

Title: Strong

Release date: September 2nd, 2022 


"Grow Up" May 14th, 2021

"Under a Southern Sky" February 25th, 2022

"Last Name On It" June 17th, 2022

LP: Strong (Retail)
3 Singles: Digital & Streaming
LP: Strong, Digital & Streaming, Extended Vinyl, Vinyl Limited edition

Singles: 3

Length: 37.75

Genre: Country


Merch Items "Strong" 
-3 digital singles

-1200 Vinyl

-300 Purple Limited Edition Vinyl
-1 T-shirt
-1 hats
-1 poster

Merch Items "Grow Up"

-Digital Single

-2 T-shirts

-1 hat

-1 poster

Merch Items "Under a Southern Sky"

-Digital Single

-1 T-shirt

Merch Items "Last Name on It"

-Digital Single

-1 T-shirt

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 1.08.33 PM.png

Flanigan's roll-out strategy focused on brand partnerships, music videos, TV performance, merch for each single, and a cadence for each release, building up to not only the album, but his profile.  

Music videos: 2
Performance Videos: 3

Tour: 15 shows (5 showcases)
Visualizer & Lyrics: 3
Trailer: 1
Behind-the-scenes: 1
Livestream: 4

TV appearances: 2

May 20th, 2021: The Voice season 20 debut performance with Blake Shelton
May 27th, 2021: Taylor guitars Social Media Takeover
October 13th, 2021: Good Day Houston feature

October 17th, 2022: Southern Weekend Episode feature

February 24th, 2022: Country Radio Seminar showcase

March 10-13: Opener for Blake Shelton

April 25th, 2022: Live in the Vineyard showcase

April 27th, 2022: Fox News Feature

May 2nd, 2022: Rockwood NYC showcase

June 11th, 2022: CMA fest debut

August 8th, 2022: The Talk Show with Eric Metaxas pilot episode feature performance

The campaign started with a national debut of the single "Grow Up" performed by Ian and Blake on NBC's The Voice finale. From there, we used brand partnerships and giveaways to support a strong pre-save campaign and to grow Ian's connection wit his fans. As the tour supported his release promo, we used local morning shows like Good Day Houston and Fox News to feature Ian's story. Expanding on his narrative we booked him on The Southern Weekend, an Opry TV Circle Network series, showcasing his lifestyle and music. Each lyric and official video was featured on platforms like Sounds Like Nashville and Cowboys & Indians. Pivoting to radio, we introduced him as an artist to CRS with a showcase. Touring continued to pick up with a strategic hit as an opener for Blake Shelton's Spring Blake tour. Radio and Sync promo continued strong with a featured performance at Live in The Vineyard. We hosted an industry showcase in NYC to enhance his exposure, and followed up in Nashville at the CMA fest. After the release of "Last Name On It" Ian taped the pilot episode of Eric Metaxas' new talk show.​​

CMA fest_Nightcap Entertainment.jpg

Tiktok Influencer Campaigns:

Playlist Placement​:

New Music Nashville (Spotify), New in Country (Apple), Breakthrough Country (amazon), The Round Up (CMT), Wild Country (Spotify), The Country Spectrum (CMA), New Music Friday (Spotify)


Grow Up:

  • Spotify Marquee Ad - $1,500

  • Facebook/Instagram Release Ads - $3,500

  • Taylor Contest Ads - $1,500

Under a Southern Sky:

  • More streams playlist campaign - $350

  • Lyric Video ad. (boost vid views) - $250

  • Boosted posts for April - $100

Last Name on It:

  • Spotify Marquee Ad - $1,000 

  • Facebook/Instagram - $2,000

  • TikTok - $1,000

  • YouTube - $1,000

#2 on country itunes charts

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 9.34.33 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 9.22.31 AM.png



  • Instagram: starting 30k current 35.5k

  • Facebook: starting 20k current 26k

  • Twitter: starting 5k current 6.5k

  • YouTube: starting 4k current 7.7k

  • Spotify: starting 30k monthly listeners current 65k monthly listeners

Sales History:

  • Last Name on It* (June 2022)

    • streams​​

      • Apple - 49.25K WW streams // 40.5K US streams​

      • Spotify - 236.5K WW

      • Lyric Video - 29k views

  • Under A Southern Sky (February 2022)

    • 532.6K WW Streams // 474.9K US Streams

      • Apple - 24.8K WW Streams // 20K US Streams

      • Spotify -  118.9K WW Streams // 90K US Streams

      • Pandora - 2.09K WW Streams // 2.09K US Streams

      • Amazon - 386 WW Streams // 362 US Streams

      • Lyric Video - 16K Views

  • Grow Up (feat. Blake Shelton)* (May 2021)

    • 2.313M WW Streams // 1.637M US Streams

      • Apple - 397.79K WW Streams // 325.28K US Streams

      • Spotify - 1.6M WW Streams // 1M US Streams

      • Pandora - 229.11K WW Streams // 229.11K US Streams

      • Amazon - 86.63K WW Streams // 83.04K US Streams

      • Lyric Video - 132K Views 

      • Official Video - 34K Views


*Grow Up - Focus track being worked at radio

*Last Name on It - Focus track being worked at radio



Final thoughts

We are honored to have been a key consultant and lead content/social media director on this project. In summery, socials grew (on average) 20%, cumulatively streaming is over 3 million, "Last Name on It" has ads on KKBQ/HOUSTON, KILT/HOUSTON, KBEQ/KANSAS CITY, MUSIC CHOICE/NYC, WJVC/LONG ISLAND, KNUC/SEATTLE, and KSON/SAN DIEGO, we have acquired new partnerships with Pickle jar and Denon (along with Taylor and KICKER), and Ian is in conversation with a media company pitching a lifestyle show. 

What worked:

  1. Emphasize content to sustain interest and social and streaming growth over a year period 

  2. Treat each single like it’s own campaign with whatever your means allows you to create, i.e.: merch, video content, fan engagement strategies and publicity 

  3. Build in elements that show your personality to build interest in your character, which deepens the connection with fans. This includes documentary style content, behind the scenes, interviews and showing your favorite things.

  4. Brand Partnerships to build hype and utilize larger audiences

EPK, Sizzle Reel, and Content

Audio Visualizer 1
Ian Flanigan - Grow Up (Featuring Blake Shelton) (Lyric Video)
Ian Flanigan

Ian Flanigan - Grow Up (Featuring Blake Shelton) (Lyric Video)

Listen to Ian Flanigan's New Single, "Grow Up" featuring Blake Shelton: Follow and Like: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok: Patreon: "Grow Up is about living it up, no matter what age you are. Coming out of the wild year that was 2020, I feel this song is a great reminder of the feeling I always get from live shows, touring, and kickin' it during the summer. I hope this song brings some of that "forever young" vibe to everyone listening." - Ian Flanigan "Grow Up" Second hand lighters Headlight dreamers Backseat players Windshield singers Small town livin’ love the haters Main Street beat drop rear view shakers They say we’re never gonna grow up Hand stamped handshakes Love drunk, tipsy Mapco coke and a whiskey kiss me Strap off a shoulder feel that fire Embers in her eyes gonna burn me higher They say we’re never gonna grow up Well they might be right, cause we’re loud, we’re alive, and tonight we’re raisin’ somethin cold up We Thought we would one day but hey we ain’t cause one day still ain’t showed up Guess we’re never gonna grow up Fall in too fast Hang on too long Screw what we need Do what we want Leave our mark Like black on leather Don’t they know we’ll Live forever cause.. Chorus Kicker speakers Windows all the way down Ain’t gettin’ old if it ain’t old now We’re never gonna grow up Well they might be right, cause we’re loud, we’re alive, and tonight we’re raisin’ somethin cold up We Thought we would one day but hey we ain’t cause one day still ain’t showed up Guess we’re never gonna grow up We’re never gonna grow up
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