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This week's TikTok trends/hashtags

Sourced from TikTok's Newsletter for the week of 6/19-26

Upcoming Hashtags #Relationship - From besties, to siblings, to significant others, here's to celebrating your #Relationship #Juneteenth - June 19th is the 157th anniversary of Juneteenth, a day of recognition, remembrance and commemoration, marking the day in which slavery was ended in the United States. Learn about the importance of Juneteenth and celebrate with the TikTok community. #FathersDay - Happy #FathersDay! #WorldRefugeeDay - Here's to honoring refugees around the world, and making a difference to support our communities. #Summer - What are you doing this #Summer? #ForYourPride - Pride Month is officially in full swing, and today and everyday we're putting the spotlight on our incredible community of LGBTQIA+ creators. From small business owners, to artists and icons, here's to a community and culture where Pride never ends. #Skateboarding - Today is Go #Skateboarding Day, so whether you're learning a new trick or just getting started, grab your board and celebrate with The Skatepark Project, founded by Tony Hawk, to support access to safe and inclusive skateparks for youth. #ArabTikTok - From small business owners to cooks and style icons, here's to our thriving community of creators creating culture around the world. Here's to #ArabTikTok.

Music Hub

If you haven't checked it out yet, take a second to explore our Music Hub! The Music Hub is where we showcase our best and brightest artists, content, and sounds of the week. It's and all-in-one place for all things Music on TikTok! Explore here.

Artists to Watch

What's Next

Now that live music is back in full swing and folks are heading down to Tennessee for one of the most renowned jam festivals, we're turning our attention to all things #JamSession! Starting on June 17, we will be launching a hashtag campaign on the Search page that will run until June 19, spotlighting artists who show off their amazing improvisational abilities. Artists should engage by posting using the #JamSession hashtag in their captions from June 17 through June 24. Content Suggestion: Jamming out is a way to work out ideas in real time, which is why we're looking for artists to show us their skills in a post using the hashtag #JamSession. Whether you're shooting a video in your bedroom or performing on stage at a concert, we're looking to see musicians doing what they do best!

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