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TikTok trending hashtags and more 7/8/22

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#Reggaeton We're excited to announce that this month we'll be highlighting Latin music and artists in the reggaeton genre by running a campaign with the hashtag #Reggaeton for the TikTok community. The hashtag will kick off on 7/15 with a Search Page banner, in-app programming and off-platform social support as well. Starting on 7/15, #Reggaeton will be featured on the Search page where it will continue to be spotlighted until 7/17. We're asking artists to tap in by using the #Reggaeton hashtag! We'd love to see posts starting on 7/15 where artists share their favorite lyric/verse/chorus from a reggaeton song. The song you choose can be a classic reggaeton anthem or your own latest reggaeton release. You can use on screen text to emphasize the lyrics if you like. As posts come in, feel free to share any highlights that use the hashtag with us! We will also be featuring a #Reggaeton playlist on the Sounds page launching on 7/15! We'd love to hear from you on any tracks that you'd want considered for programming! Again, these can be any song in the reggaeton genre ranging from classics to current and new releases. Feel free to pitch songs for consideration. First Look Måneskin's "Supermodel" - only on TikTok!

Upcoming Hashtags #Reggaeton - Get ready for some #Reggaeton. #MovieNight - Grab some popcorn, pull up a blanket, and get ready for #MovieNight. #BestFriends - From your pets to your bestie from college here's to all the #BestFriends #LifeHack - Make your life easier with a perfect #LifeHack. #CleanTok - Whether you're a cleaning enthusiast or just looking for tips on how to get those hard to reach places, join us on #CleanTok for all your cleaning needs! #Vacation - Whether you're enjoying a staycation or hitting the road, show us your #Vacation. #NailArt - Show us your #NailArt. #GymTok - Get ready to hit the gym with #GymTok. #Outdoors - Whether it's a hike, a swim, or a vacation across the country, touch grass and head #Outdoors. #MovieNight - Grab some popcorn, pull up a blanket, and get ready for #MovieNight.

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Shootout - Izzamuzzic This is a couples trend where people say "I wonder if ___ would look good on me" and then show that their partner has that ___ feature. Rich Minion - Yeat The Gentle Minion trend has taken over TikTok and movie theaters. Folks are going to the movies dressed in suits in support of the minions and its breaking box office records. Fortnite Moves - Denxz? This is a funny little dance trend inspired by Fortnite.

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