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How to FAIL in the music industry

We love this humorous approach to a pretty serious topic. But seriously, check out IndieOnTheMove's episode on what not to do i the music industry.

Episode Summary

  • If you want to fail in music, be a complete jerk, flake out on everything, don’t improve, put all your time and energy into social media, don’t build your email list, use Spotify as your exclusive source of income and worship at its alter, don’t get coaching, don’t invest in yourself, don’t reinvest in your career, and don’t adapt.

  • Failing in music is generally a combination of factors. If you did all the above, you would naturally fail. But typically, it’s the combination of two or three toxic beliefs or actions that lead to failure over the long haul.

  • I would love to hear what you’re discovering for yourself in this conversation. Are you starting to see anything for yourself and how you’ve been approaching your music career? Are you seeing anything you could be doing to get on the path of success and get off the slippery slope of failure? Send your comments to

  • This list should not be considered comprehensive. I’m sure you could think of many other ways to fail in music, including not getting started and things like that. But I think the point has been made. If success is the opposite of failure, you want to do the opposite of what we just talked about.

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